Drawing Lesson

Self-Love Among the Ruins, Любовь среди руин, Drawing Lesson, Урок рисования

We can see in black and white photographs a set of objects assembled in a composition, something that you might expect to find in any art school. Paperno plays with the classical tenets where each of the required elements (plaster bust, drapery, household items, etc.) is a reference in some way or other to the tropes related to art education and the origins (whether mythical or real) of painting and more broadly—representation per se. A video, where the hand assembles toy easels in rows in an abstract space, strengthens the impression of a game and the staging of an “art school” where all the signs have been de-energized and transformed into fragments of big ideas and aspirations related to education and inclusion in “high” culture.

The works “Pictorial Space” were made specially for exhibition “Self-Love among the Ruins”

Exhibition “Self-Love among the Ruins” at Schusev State Museum of Architecture, Moscow
Curated by Ekaterina Inozemtseva
November 13–December 13, 2018
Exhibition views by Anastasia Soboleva


Excerpt from:

Untitled (from Drawing Lesson series)
Video 6 min.
Starring: Alex Korsi (the hand)
Director of Photography: Alexander Simonov
Sound Design: Ivan Lebedev
Set Construction: Nadezhda Busheneva
Color Correction: Anastasia Soboleva, Daniil Nikolsky
Cosmosfilm Post-Production Department
Project Management: Spasibo Studio